History Of Alvin Meals on Wheels
Alvin Meals on Wheels was organized as a non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation by the Alvin Ministerial Alliance in 1979. Some of the ministers involved in the planning were Doyle Schnelle, First Christian Church, Bob Montgomery, First Presbyterian Church, and Fred Burford, Grace Episcopal Church. Nema Redding was the first Director. Each church contributed to help set up the program which started working out of Grace Episcopal Church.

Ten area churches provided volunteers to work one day every two weeks initially, and they also provided names of people who would need to be served by the program pending an interview. For the past several years, First Presbyterian Church has provided the “Meals on Wheels Room” where volunteer drivers and coordinators from area churches meet each weekday morning to pick up the hot meals they will deliver to the persons on their route.

Several restaurants have provided meals over the years, but the Alvin Hospital wound up being the meals provider until it closed its kitchen. Meals on Wheels currently contracts with Stanton’s to provide its food and drinks. The largest financial contributor has been the Alvin community. The recipients give what they can, and the organization sponsors an annual fundraiser that usually raises enough funds to underwrite food expenses for half the year. But from the beginning Alvin Meals on Wheels has been supported by Alvin—its businesses, service clubs, churches and citizens—both financially, and in time and talents.

The Meals on Wheels program has never received governmental or any other “public” funding (e.g., United Way). We are Alvin people taking care of our own. The program has changed over the years, but what has not changed is Alvin Meals on Wheels still delivers to those persons who are not able to prepare their own meals. And the Alvin community wholeheartedly supports the program.